Getting your press releases published here

Site statistics as told to us on 12th May 2017

  • Average monthly page hits for year-to-date is > 31k
  • Genuine (as distinct from purchased) Twitter followers is > 2k @
  • Subscribers > 10k
  • Facebook; I really can't be bothered. Seriously, I can't.

Global reach

  • United Kingdom 48.01%
  • United States 15.91%
  • Canada 3.70%
  • Australia 2.68%
  • Italy 2.12%
  • France 2.04%
  • Netherlands 1.80%
  • Sweden 1.78%
  • India 1.59%
  • Germany 1.57%
  • Spain 1.06%
  • Belgium 1.00%
  • Denmark 0.86%
  • Hong Kong 0.74%
  • China 0.68%
  • Singapore 0.67%
  • Taiwan 0.62%
  • Japan 0.61%
  • Ireland 0.58%
  • Norway 0.57%


Hello, and thank you for stopping to take a look.

I'm Lenny Lowe (I handle press releases here) and I confirm that we publish – free of charge and free of any covert or overt obligation to advertise – ALL press releases (providing these are legal, decent, honest and truthful) from:

  • Makers
  • Retailers
  • Importers / distributors
  • Musicians

Unlike the paper magazines .....

  • I never trim-to-fit which means the I publish the entire release!

The only two accepted formats

  • The full release in Microsoft Word format which can include images. We are happy convert to .pdf
  • A .pdf

Please note that we cannot cut 'n paste from the text inside an email. Sorry about this but we just don't have the time to do it.

When it comes to reader interests, please note:

Each month we canvass a cross section of our subscribers to identify what they do and don't want to read about via press releases. Here's what they told us via a multiple choice online survey in early April 2017 and please note that these latest stats differ only minutely from similar canvassing in 2016 and 2015.

  • Interested in only equipment press releases 41.7%
  • Interested in only music press releases 38.8%
  • Interested in industry new appointments releases 0.0%
  • Interested in all press releases 28.1%
  • Not interested in ANY press releases 8.7%

So .....

If you want to be exposed to the thousands of weekly visitors then please forward your release to

Thank you

Lennny Lowe