Hello and welcome. These are some of the HFA NEWSLETTER stories we are working on (which won't appear on this site or anywhere else either) for the next 9 monthly newsletters:

  1. Why Power Cables Make a Difference
  2. What is Neutrality?
  3. A Brief Survey of Isolation Devices
  4. Bi-Amping: Pleasure or Pain?
  5. The Relationship of Voltage, Loudness, Power and Decibels
  6. Break-in: Real or Imagined?
  7. Accounting for Differences of Opinion Among Reviewers
  8. Vacuum Record Cleaning Machines
  9. Tonearm/Cartridge Capability
  10. The Beatles, protests with purpose, and optimism: why the Sixties were nothing short of a Golden Age
  11. Ukulele masterclass: Four strings and a jolly good time
  12. Sleeve Stories: Bruce Springsteen’s Greetings From Asbury Park
  13. A Classical Musician’s Game Theory
  14. Meridian M1 maintenance
  15. Meridian M1 – observations
  16. Opinions vary as to the single biggest advance ever made in the history of High Fidelity.
  17. Listening Without Prejudice
  18. A recording may be ‘frozen’ - that doesn’t means it’s fixed.
  19. Record Shops
  20. How to Buy Something You’ve Already Got (Part One).
  21. And You Thought Your Hi-Fi Was Good?
  22. How Did This Happen?
  23. Listen to the Music.
  24. STAX ELS F83 speakers
  25. Feeding a sub
  26. Getting bass right
  27. First differences

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