YAMAHA: R2000 ‘…. goes beyond ordinary stereo to re-create the full depth, presence and excitement of actually being at a live performance’

stereonomono.blogspot.co.uk write ….. The Spatial Expander. Normal stereo is limited to the space between two speakers. Yamaha Spatial Expander extends the sound field out beyond the speakers. This wider sound stage recreates the ambience and spaciousness of a live performance. There is more space between musicians, more depth and richness to the overal sound . […]

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PIONEER: QX-949 Quad Receiver – thoughts invited

Anybody had any recent experience with this piece of kit? I’m curious because I used to own one (decades ago). No idea how it would compare to current gear. (the Quad function is, of course, virtually useless). Nice example can be seen here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/24418022952616662/ Explore HERE

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YAMAHA: Do NS-1000 stack up today?

“As good pairs seem to go for £1000, my question is how would they stack up against other speakers in the same price bracket old or new? Also I seem to remember reading somewhere that due to their ruthless accuracy they exposed weakness in early Naim amplification, and were not a good partner…fair”

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