LOST IMMORTALS: What classic rock buried treasure band have you discovered recently? #1

Randy Godsey

Well so many especialy since youtube came along. But here are few off the top. Ill stay in the seventies where a lot of bands fell by the wayside.

Vinegar joe- robert palmer is asoulful monster with a dynamite band to boot

White witch- stuck in the glam rock genre.dont let that fool you,they are actually just a great hard rockin band of the mid seventies.

Ruby Jones- do you remember the hot redhead singing “go jim dandy gooooo" on jim dandy by black oak arkansas. Well that was ruby starr and became a member of BOA through the mid seventies. But before that she was in a band called ruby jones. What a powerful voice in the style of janis joplin but with more grit. Check out stoned junkie on you tube. Its just smokin'.

Jasper wrath- flutes,hammond organ great lead guitar. Prog at its finest.

Geronimo black. More flutes and prog.

Khan- another sadly ignored prog rock band.

These are just a few. I answered question as ive just recently discovered. There are tons of bands that ive known that were sadly forgotten or ignored.

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