Blues music: Interview – Paul Rishell / Annie Raines

From the archives – several years ago Paul Rishell & Annie Raines were interviewed by Y6 pupils* at Russell Hall Primary School, West Yorkshire following their workshop at the school and prior to their appearance in Keighley.

* Thanks to Laura, Daniel, Natasha, Emily, Holly, Scott, Lauren & Lucy.

Who or what encouraged you to start playing music?

Annie - I was encouraged by my parents to start taking piano lessons when I demonstrated an ability on the piano. My Mother got us a piano; there was music in the school as well. But I got into music as a career much later.

Paul – I was encouraged because I didn’t do anything before I started to play music, I sort-of sat around and watched television. Then I started playing the drums; it was fun but I didn’t think of it as playing music, playing the drums. Later on I got a guitar and as long as I was doing something my parents were really happy so they encouraged me.

I started playing a cornet at 10 years old. Do you think the younger you start the better you will become, and why?

Paul – I think the younger you start-the better you do as long as it’s something you want to do. When people try to make you do something when you’re younger it has the exact opposite effect.