LAWSON & PARSONS: Small British manufacturer of valve amplifiers – what happened?

Sakini writes … They supplied mainly as PA equipment but also in the later years as hi-fi equipment, originally started by ex-Marconi engineer Gordon Lawson shortly after WWII as G. R. Lawson Ltd. but ran into financial difficulty at the turn of the decade and took on a partner named Parson and thus the new […]

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Anne Naysmith: Concert pianist who later lived her life on the streets and became a cherished figure in Chiswick, West London

  From the archives Garry Humphreys writes: Anne Naysmith, who has died after being hit by a lorry in Chiswick High Road, west London, has no Alan Bennett to write about her, as he did for Miss Shepherd, who camped on Bennett’s front drive and is immortalised in his play The Lady in the Van. […]

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ACOUSTIC RESEARCH LEGEND TURNTABLE in as few words as possible

A completely modernised revival of the classic AR sub chassis design, this model offered fine all-round performance with an airy, articulate sound. The AR arm is roughly equivalent to a MISSION 774LC. The Legend remains good value though somewhat eclipsed by the cheaper EB101 MICHELL / TRANSCRIPTORS ON A TIGHT BUDGET

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