LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – The battery DiscStage; where does the cost go?

Q: Dr. Bews – your battery DiscStage is your most expensive product. Where does the cost go?

A: I actually don’t get the usual manufacturer’s mark up with the Battery DiscStage, since it would become prohibitive in price. There are very expensive parts in the battery DiscStage, i.e. 26 off sealed lead acid batteries, 1W Tantulum film resistors, switched attenuators, pure silver leaf capacitors and silver wiring.

This is NOT a commercial product, but a statement of design and passive component selection.

It also takes one week to manufacture this product. Some expensive products are not statements like this particular example. Just look inside a product and make an estimate of the parts cost and the labour. This exercise should then produce the end retail price. It appears to me that some products are trying to recoup their R/D costs, and maybe more.