LFD AUDIO: Dr. Bews discusses Integrated Mistral 2019 with and without phono stage

Hello Dr. Bews. What can you tell us about this new release?

"The internal phonostage of the Mistral is based on a new circuit, which uses a dual op-amp, so is different to the phonostage LE and needs to be specified at manufacture since the back pcb needs to be modified to allow input "1" to be phono input.

A option is to have the phonostage LE PCB instead of the new circuit, but this will cost an extra £200 extra retail (estimated).

The Power amplifier section is 50w/channel using bipolar technology, output protection using a chip that powers a relay, so NO fuses required. Theoretically, there should be thermal limiting, if the chassis/output devices gets too hot, but i do not play it loud enough for this to happen.

The PSU is oversized for better sound quality, but the output is limited to voltage rails of +/- 35V so power output is limited, it cannot be increased. It sounds powerful for the 50W rating, but technically the limited power, does not limit the sound quality (quite similar to LE(V))

The Mistral is essentially a LE(V) with a bipolar 50W/cannel power amplifier section. The Mistral is the NEW entry level LFD amplifier, since once the LE(VI) comes out, LFD amplification will have a better sound but will be at a higher price point."

  • UK list price including VAT is £2,250 without phono stage
  • With standard phono stage is £2,600
  • With advanced phono stage anticipated to be £2,800

LFD on a tight budget