CHORD COMPANY: This is what Chord’s digital designer Rob Watts had to say about power cables

Rob Watts writes .....

In the '80s, there was a buzz going around that mains cables made a big difference to the sound, so I tried experimenting. Yes you could hear a difference, even under blind conditions. And this was with one of my pre-amps that had 3 stages of regulation - 210dB of rejection on the PSU. This clearly did not make sense. So I experimented, and found that the RF characteristics of the mains cable made a big difference. This then led to the design of an RF noise mains filter, and this ended up being a 12 stage filter, going from 100 kHz to 1 GHz. Then when I used the filter, the connection from the wall socket to the filter now had no effect on the sound quality. So this proved it was RF noise, and because of the observation that small changes had a big affect, it also indicated that the ear/brain was highly sensitive to it.

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