BI-WIRING: How important is the type of jumper? Dr Richard Bews responds

Recently I wrote: This started way back at Subjective Audio in the 1980s I played music for the staff on our reference system, then going around to the rear of the speaker, making a quick ‘mystery’ change they all noticed for the better. What I did was simple; I moved the speaker cables from the bass input terminals to the tweeter input terminals, when the two were tied together with a set of jumpers. Indeed, I’ve performed this experiment myself on several occasions, each time enjoying a noticeable improvement. I don’t know why

So, not knowing why, I asked Dr. Bews. Here’s his reply:

Dear Howard,

The sound of Speaker jumpers for single wire cables used in bi-wire loudspeaker is very important. I have found the use of very good speaker jumper cable mandatory. Also even when jumpers are good match to cable and speaker, the use of bass and tweeter terminals is audible although not as much as jumper. This is probably due to layout issues of the crossover. Do not take anything for granted.



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