MILES DAVIS: The Lost Broadcast (CD)


The recording on this CD was made the night before Black Beauty was recorded, albeit at the same venue, with the same line-up (Davis,Corea, Grossman, Holland, De Johnette and Airto Moreira on percussion) and also as support to the Dead (and Stone the Crows).

This April 9th gig however is a different beast to that of its predecessor. A differing set-list and very sparse arrangements, absent the night before, make this previously unreleased recording very much a lost broadcast (it was transmitted live by local FM radio) and its first release here on CD will delight fans of Davis mid period work.

1. Directions 06:59
2. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down 10:08
3. This 04:32
4. It's About That Time 11:59
5. I Fall In Love Too Easily 02:00
6. Sanctuary 03:20
7. Spanish Key 13:02
8. Bitches Brew/The Theme 13:48

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