HEADPHONE AMP CLASS A: JLH Class A headphone amp build help needed!

Colin Wonfor

Dear Colin, I’d buy from you but as far as I can see one4audio. don’t make one – or do you or will you? Anyway, I'm planning on building a JLH class A headphone amplifier but am a bit confused regarding the transformer wiring/connection. The pcb requires 15v-0-15v AC power input.

I plan on using this torroidal transformer:


It has dual primary windings (2x 115v & 2x 0v) and dual secondaries (2x 15v & 2x 0v)

How would i go about wiring it up? I am in the UK so need to have 240v input and if the pcb requires 2 separate 15v and a single 0v how would i wire it up please? Sorry my knowledge is quite basic and I just want to get it right first time. Any help and advice would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. Thanks

Whoops the link does not work so resend please before you play.

Normally it is wired like this.


Thanks for the question


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