COLIN WONFOR: An active speaker perhaps?

Colin Wonfor

Hi Colin. Have you ever considered getting involved in active speaker design? From what I can gather, this is quite a complex task to get it right which is why, apparently so few companies get involved. I'm wondering if perhaps at some point in the future you might consider taking a good quality passive speaker and turn into an active unit or is it more hassle than it’s worth? Thanks

Sorry, done it! It boils down to cost. Basically, a choke and cap is cheaper than two power amps and electronic filters. In the days long gone Meridian produced some amazing active speakers but … they cost was far to much for most people. At TQ we had a pair to try out; they must be 30yrs old but so good.

In stage work the cost is not so important and they are used a lot by people like Old Barn Audio in Kent where they set them up all the time. I can't wait to hear their own designs of Bass Guitar Amp and Lead Guitar Amp with active drivers.

So, nothing from me re domestic active speakers in the immediate future. Might increase my involvement in the pro market though. Re domestic, I never say never though.

Thank you for the question.




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