MONITOR AUDIO: Replacing ceramic resistors in GXC350 speaker

Colin Wonfor

Hello Colin. Great series so far. Thank you. A little background info: I own a Monitor Audio GXC350 centre speaker and have discovered the midrange driver produces no sound. Swapping the driver over with one from a GX200 confirms it's ok. A volt meter shows there's no output to the midrange driver which points to a faulty crossover. I've stripped it out and can see three ceramic resistors:

5W 1 ohm J

5W 3.3 ohm J

5W 3.9 ohm J

Two pass a basis conductive test, but the 3.3 ohm appears to be open circuit.

I'm keen to fix this ASAP, so my question is this: Can I replace this ceramic resistor (and the other two) with a 10W version from my local Maplin store, or do I have to stick with the 5W version and order online for delivery later in the week?

God you are asking the man who thinks a 300W SECA is small. Bigger is better with respect to R's I would fit 25W the gold type from FEC. 10W is OK but I like big margins so try and find something bigger if you can.



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