COLIN WONFOR’S TECHNICAL CLINIC: Replacing two 37 year old filter caps; where do I start?

Henry Hill asks

Q: Please excuse my ignorance, I'm new to the world of recapping vintage receivers. I have an original Pioneer SX-50 that's getting up there in age, and I'd like to start by replacing the main filter caps for good measure. They're a pair of Nichicon 8200uf 50v caps with an 85c rating. What would be a good replacement for these two caps?

A: Henry firstly, are they screw in or tags or snap in? Secondly, find that value may prove to be hard find, so what is the diodes/bridge in the rectifier for example? If it is, say, 3A then do not go much above 10,000uF/50V?

I like Elna type and Panasonic low ESR type but cost is the bug there. Try Nover; very good caps.

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