COLIN WONFOR’S TECHNICAL CLINIC: How to measure pre amp for channel imbalance?

Mike Youngfield writes ....

Hello Colin. I want to check my pre-amp for a channel imbalance. With a voltmeter how would I do this? Would I just put the positive probe inside the rca and negative probe to ground and set the voltmeter to ac voltage and measure? Thanks. Mike.

A: Hi Mike the meter has to read AC volts, then you need to inject with a signal generator a signal in let's say CD input and normally at 1KHz if your meter can read that.

Next set signal generator say to 100mV assuming you pre is not a passive type, you should be able to read a 1V signal on the o/p concerned by adjusting the volume. Set then repeat with the other channel BUT NOT ADJUST VOLUME both should read the same. This is crude way to do it but the most simply way without scopes etc.

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