TODD SHARPVILLE: In conversation

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Todd Sharpville is a key figure in the history of modern UK blues. With vocalist Earl Green he hosted the Monday night blues jam at The Weavers Arms in Stoke Newington, which was a hub for all aspiring young blues musicians and singers and a Mecca for visiting blues players. Todd’s career has taken him all over the world as a side man and a bandleader. Todd has a new album out, and he came in to Blues In Britain to talk to Fran Leslie. Photo: Al Stuart

Tell me about the making of the album, Porchlight.

My manager, Dave Jones of Cat House Music in Kansas City, took over Joe Lewis Walker’s management and signed Joe to a three-album deal with Stony Plain in Canada. Joe decided that the first two albums would be produced by Duke Robillard. Duke is a friend from many years ago, whom I had lost touch with. The last time I saw him he had just proposed to his current wife Lorrine, in the middle of supper. We had lost touch over the years.

I went over to guest on Joe’s album, the first of the three-album deal, A Witness To The Blues, and reconnected with Duke again. Duke had listened to a album that I had recorded in the five years, during the five years of my disappearance from the blues scene, which was my divorce album, Diary Of A Drowning Man.

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Neil McCauley / editor in chief