LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – Interconnects and the quest for neutrality


Q: Putting to one side for a moment your quest for absolute neutrality re your Interconnects, would it be fair to say that your Interconnects are to some extent a subtle ‘tone control”? If so, what would you recommend to tighten the bass between a solid state pre amp and valve power amp. Also between a older type slightly hard-on-female vocals CD player and a solid state amp. Serious buyer. Thanks.

A: No cable is neutral, you have a range of neutrality, i.e. what most equipment will accommodate and customers consider to be correct. Then you match a particular cable strength to the equipment and the customer preference, i.e. a very fine tone control. For tight bass control (slightly lean) with good mid/top you go for Spirolink IV or Silver Horizon (Horizon is similar tonally to Spirolink IV but has less grain), these are often used with tube equipment. The Grainless is good, but sometimes is a little bass heavy for tube pre/power, often a good choice for solid state pre/power.

I assume you are talking about an old Philips type CD player (good bass, but not subtle) needs a “nice” sounding cable with no defects and subtle sound. This is starting to dictate the Silver Scorpion, which is good everywhere (the Black Widow, is Silver Scorpion with more air at the top and deeper bass).

Dr. Richard Bews