WILSON BENESCH:Full Circle test review

Although famous for its elaborate speaker designs, Wilson Benesch is rooted in vinyl. Paul Rigby reviews the Full Circle turntable.

You could buy yourself a Porsche Cayman S, have a luxurious holiday in the Bahamas and still have change to decorate the front room for the price of Wilson Benesch’s, top of the range, Cardinal speakers. Yet, while the speakers grab the spotlight, it’s vinyl that is the core of the company, as Craig Milnes, designer of the Full Circle turntable, explained, “We started in business by releasing a turntable in 1990, the first turntable to feature carbon composite structures. That was followed by the world’s first hyperbolic curved tonearm, again in carbon fibre. We then transferred that technology into loudspeaker systems. Everything that we’ve ever done relates back to the turntable. The history of the company surrounds analogue.”

The original turntable design was popular but had problems. The sprung chassis was difficult to set up correctly while the motor, the centre of some serious design attention and investment, was increasingly seen as a weak point. The latter was an easy fix. Wilson Benesch adopted the 250rpm Premotec AC-synchronous motor, essentially the same, Dutch-sourced, design that you see in a number of successful turntable designs on the market. As for the isolation? “We now rely on two basic systems commonly seen in sprung systems. One is based upon soft compliant rubber and other uses a carbon fibre cantilever.“

Examining the Full Circle, it is notably divided into two parts, like a large Victoria Sponge cake. The  .....

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