TANNOY: Vintage Tannoy 12″ monitor golds vs. Harbeth

I am thinking about assembling a secondary system in a small den (12.5ft x 13.5ft) for listening to combo jazz, female vocalists, acoustic guitar music, cello sonatas, and the like.

I have come across a pair of vintage Tannoy 12" monitor golds(from the sixties) that are mounted in custom cabinets made of baltic birch and walnut veneers, heavily braced and lined with acoustic foam (weighing about 70 pounds each). The crossovers have been rebuilt with new audiophile components and the compensator dials have been removed and hardwired in. The cabinet is about 40"tall, 15"wide, 13 inches deep and have twin ports on the front baffle towards the bottom of the cabinet. I am told that it is tuned to about 40hz which may be ideal for the small room they would be used in as well as the music that would be played on them most times.

Being that I have never heard vintage Tannoys, I wondering if anyone would be willing to speculate how these would sound compared to perhaps Harbeth Compact 7's or maybe classic Spendors?

I have been told that the Tannoys are very sensitive speakers, so I would probably being using one of my lower watt tube amps....a very dynamic, full sounding 15 watt EL84 tube amp to drive them.

Thank you for any and all comments that you are willing to share with me.

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