GREEN DAY: WFMU, New Jersey, May 28th 1992 – FM Broadcast (CD)

Two years shy of Dookie but already banging out "Welcome to Paradise," this is GREEN DAY live for WFMU Radio in New Jersey in their 100% punk rock era. The trio still sounds raw, which is naturally part of the appeal of this performance: they're stumbling toward greatness, occasionally tripping into the transcendent but most often just knocking out these three-chord anthems with invigorating abandon, and that energy makes this mandatory for any Green Day die-hard fan!

1. Don’t Leave Me 2. 409 In Your Coffeemaker 3. Welcome To Paradise 4. 1000 Light Years Away 5. At The Library 6. 80 7. The Judge’s Daughter 8. Christie Road 9. Only Of You 10. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield 11. Going To Pasalacqua 12. 16 13. Paper Lanterns 14. C Yo Yus 15. Intermission 16. One Of My Lies 17. Dominated Love Slave 18. All By Myself 19. Knowledge 20. Words I Might Have Ate

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