Classical Music Appreciation: Challenges & Rewards

Under­stand­ing clas­si­cal can be dif­fi­cult and takes patience. While you may become famil­iar with a pop­u­lar track the 2nd or 3rd time you lis­ten to it, most WCM works take dozens of repeated lis­ten­ing ses­sions to acquire basic familiarity.

The length of many WCM works is another issue. You can’t just spend 5 min­utes lis­ten­ing, enjoy­ing, and mov­ing on; most works range between 25 to 45 minutes.

Enjoy­ing pop­u­lar music typ­i­cally involves con­sciously lis­ten­ing to the vocals, while enjoy­ing the instru­men­ta­tion only dur­ing the inter­ludes. Lis­ten­ing to mul­ti­ple things at once doesn’t come eas­ily, and can be overwhelming"


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