HARBETH: SHL5….finally”

For the last two years I am looking for a decent speaker for my vintage Sansui amps and receivers. I tested several KEF's,B&W's...etc,etc,and at the end of last year auditioned Harbeth 7's and 5's.Just several songs were enough to decide which one is right for me.Croatian distributor was cordial and offered both models for home listening.Unfortunately,I've already planned a ten-day vacation with my family,and after returning,I wasn't able to find some free time for myself. Anyway,after several weeks of such a situation, I decided to order one pair of SHL5 (it was the end of March).Rosewood and eucalyptus finish was available instantly,but no,I wanted tiger ebony (damn me)....and they arrived yesterday

Dip in and out HERE

Classic Harbeth pairs for sale HERE

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