Has What Hi Fi fallen out with Rega?

Now that highly respected mag, What Hi Fi (Stop it. I can see you smirking) has given glowing reviews to the majority of Rega products over the years, though with notable exceptions e.g. the Apollo R c d player (wonder how they'll review the soon to be released replacement, in the new 'rounded' casing?)

But I've been surprised at What Hi Fi reviews of two speakers in the range- the RX1's and the RX5's, which both received mediocre reviews. Elsewhere these speakers have received generally favourable reviews. Now I don't have much respect for reviews, but they can provide a short list for auditioning.

More confusing is that, during the review, when they refer to the speakers' various features and attributes, they appear to praise them (particularly regarding the RX5's) and yet the conclusion seems to contradict this lead up to the conclusion?
Perhaps the What Hi Fi editor has just decided that they need to be careful not to heap automatic praise on Rega products, and so not to appear biased (as people once claimed with their Marantz/Mission reviews)?

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