What Price Room EQ and Subwoofer?

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The thread starts: Friend of mine. He lives real close, and been asking that I make the short walk to come over and listen to his upgraded system. The difference between the new and old system was/is Night and Day.

The amplifier, DAC, and speakers were all swapped out, only thing that remained was the subwoofer and cables (speaker and interconnects). The brands and names of the equipment not important, what is though is that with all the work he has done with Room, EQ and subwoofer optimization, I much preferred the sound of his system WITHOUT all of that.

Stripping it all back to simply the speakers, amplifier WITHOUT attenuators, and zero EQ resuilted in the new upgraded system sounding so much more crisp, so natural, so present. The soundstage re-emerged. The veil was lifted.

Less indeed can be more.

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