ICON AUDIO: From 2012 – New Version Of The MB845 Amplifier: 110W of Pure Triode Power

Icon Audio Release New Version Of The MB845 Amplifier: 110W of Pure Triode Power

In 2012 they said:

The Icon Audio MB845 mono amplifier is already something of a legend.  Both the original and MkII versions have become reference amplifiers for hi-fi magazines and reviewers and have provided a new level of enjoyment to music lovers worldwide. The new MB845 MkIIm extends the performance, features and ease of use of its predecessors to set a new reference point for high quality amplifiers.

New features of the MB845 MkIIm

  • Improved power supply gives even lower noise levels, producing an inky black background to the music.
  • A built-in bias meter greatly simplifies valve bias checking and adjustment, thereby keeping the amplifier in peak performance and extending valve life.
  • High quality, low leakage PTFE valve bases provide enhanced performance, reliability and longevity.

In short, the MB845 MKIIm is the best Icon Audio amplifier ever. The output of each Icon Audio MB845 MkIIm uses a pair of classic 845 valves. The 845 was ...


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