CELESTION: 551 – opinions sought

Hi all, I have my Celestion 551's back in the house, along with it 10 inch bass bins, and it has got me thinking. The speakers are 34 years old but all the cones seem to be in good working order. The crossovers have capacitors in them. They still sound good but the bass on them could be a little punchier (this could be due to positioning).

Would replacing the crossover improve things? I have owned these speakers for about 10 years and I'm sure they used to sound punchier. Its not that I could not live with the sound, because I can, but I have a nagging feeling that all may not be well inside. I would also consider replacing the internal speaker cable. So, old speakers - new crossovers? Has anyone tried replacing the crossovers or cable? What were your results?

Many thanks, Lee


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