ProAc, Celef and Stuart Tyler?

You've opened up a memory for me re. Celef. Was it started by Stuart Tyler? I advertised my Celef Monitors in the mid '70s, I think it was, and was overwhelmed by people phoning as to not only enquire if they were still available, but why I was selling them. The number of calls was enormous, and I seem to recall Stuart Tyler 'phoned me to ask why too. I had always wanted a pair of Spendor BC1s, after hearing my brother's folk group being recorded at Acorn Records studio. I couldn't afford the Spendors at the time, but thought the Celefs ran a close second. Eventually I could afford the BC1s, so advertised the Celefs. Were they THAT sought after in the mid '70s? I recall the Celef Professionals ( or was it Mini-Professionals ?) had a good review in Hi-Fi Choice at the time. Perhaps that was the reason the Celef Monitors I had caused so much interest, even from the maker. By the way, was Celef a combination of Celestion and Kef ? I thought, perhaps, their first speaker used those units