COLIN WONFOR: His new power cord(s) and their specifications

Colin Wonfor

Colin writes …..

  • The Inductance in Common Mode is 20uH/M
  • Capacitance is 100pF
  • Leakage inductance is less than 1uH/M at rated at 10A RMS with insulation voltage of over 3500VAC.

Normal mains cable in Common Mode is less than 1uH and a capacitance of less than 20pF but can be a high of 1nF/M and offering very poor rejection to RFI interference.

There are a few cables with capacitance of 100nF/M but this wastes power and has very poor rejection as a filter due to low inductance and the waste of energy - just in the cable - and could be as high as 2W merely through being plugged in which,  in our ECO protective world isn’t good.

  • UK RRP including vat @ 20% is £265 with Ag (Silver) connectors
  • POA for USA and Europe


We hope to have the first samples to review later this month.

Thank you

Neil McCauley / editor in chief

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