British Speakers vs All the Rest?

I finally made the leap towards a pair of Gemme Tanto V2s.I wanted a speaker that had all the simular attributes that my presiding Castle Avon speakers have.But with a bigger sound stage,more presence,better detail,and more oomph!! I went for a test listen yesterday at a dudes place who had them for sale.He warned me that "these spkrs will play alot better in listening invironments such yours"(23'by25').As I sat down to listen to the Gemmes,I couldnt help the notice how small this room
really was!Maybe 10 feet by 10 feet!He had them hooked up to all Classe gear,and as the first few notes that came to life from the whole set up,theresuddenly existed immediate drawbacks that came to me and my buddies attention.

One being that there was way too much roll off coming out of the Gemmes.But of course these speakers are known to go down to 18hz,but with that kind of room it didnt surprise me.Second was the highs.The upper end part of his speakers seemed kinda bright and a bit forward if I were to compare them to my Castles.Hopefully on account of the size of his room and nothing to dampen whatsoever was the cause of.Well,I will know the verdict in a cpl of week from now when I will have in my own set up.The seller did console me in saying "the Gemmes will take much better form in a larger but treated room too.

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