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I have read your reviews and find them to be far more fair minded and useful as a guide than virtually any other reviewer that I have come across. I am looking for a high quality one box CD player. I currently have, amongst other things, a Reimyo DAP 777 Dac and a Cairn Fog 3 cd player. I remember you stating in a review that the best digital re-production that you'd ever heard was an Accuphase DP85, is this still the case? I believe Accuphase have new digital products, which are to be available shortly. I am familiar with the Accuphase DP67 and 75V. In reference to your list below I have also owned Nagra, Ayre and Mark Levinson equipment.
Regards. Mark

First - thank you for your kind comments. Very much appreciated and certainly never taken for granted. Secondly, Thank you for your enquiry. I hope you can accept my apologies for not being as quick to respond as perhaps we both would have liked.

Memory can be a poor source of comment. However bearing in mind the context of the system in which I heard the 85V [a Wilson 7 Watts & Puppies; Spectral DMC-12 preamp which I bought and a Jeff Rowland power amp) the sound was astonishing in every regard. Probably even now the benchmark for enjoyability. Having said this, the then owner told me that his recently departed 75V was even better. He sold it to fund the 85V which he bought for its multi-format capability. Something he came to regret.

Re used Accuphase, the German eBay site can be throughly recommended for bargains. I generally find that German advertisers are perfectly willing to try and translate their text into English for those like me that cannot speak the language. More

Intuitively I believe that one of the new Nagra single box CD machines might be all I will ever need - albeit at a price higher than I am prepared to pay right now. I base this on the fact that the Nagra (£7k) Dac was one of the finest and most musical pieces of equipment I have ever heard anywhere at any price.

I do hope I have helped here. Do please feel free to continue the dialogue if you wish.

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