LFD AUDIO: 2019 official prices (Speaker cables + power cords)

LFD AUDIO official electronics UK retail price including UK Vat @ 20%.

Please note that members of this group pay substantially less AND benefit from the zero-depreciation upgrade service.


Phonostage MMC £2750
Phonostage MMC (Signature) £3300
Phonostage MCT (Signature) £5500
Integrated (NCSE) (I1I) £5750
Integrated LPCD £8300
Anniversary Linestage R £11000
Anniversary Linestage R MK11 (SE) £16500
Anniversary Mono Power £10000
Anniversary Mono Power MK11 (SE) £15500
Master Dual (Bi amp power amp) £23500
Master Reference Mono Power Amp £25000
Master Reference Biamp Set £50000
Mistral integrated amplifier £2250
Mistral integrated amplifier (phono) £2600
Integrated LE (VI) £3750
DAC5 SE £3500
Phonostage LE £1000
Phonostage LE (special edition) £1400

LFD Grain Free Biwire 3m £650
LFD Grain Free Biwire 5m £830
LFD Grain Free Biwire Signature 3m £1100
LFD Grain Free Biwire Signature 5m £1600
3m Spiroflex I Loudspeaker £280
5m Spiroflex I Loudspeaker £360
3m Spiroflex I Bi-Wire Loudspeaker £460
5m Spiroflex I Bi-Wire Loudspeaker £600
3m Hybrid Ribbon Loudspeaker £580
5m Hybrid Ribbon Loudspeaker £790
3m Reference Silver Loudspeaker £2800
5m Reference Silver Loudspeaker £4000

3m Ultima Silver Loudspeaker 11 £4300
5m Ultima Silver Loudspeaker 11 £6300
3m Ultima Silver Signature II £6000
5m Ultima Silver Signature II £9000
3m Grand Master Loudspeaker £12500
5m Grand Master Loudspeaker £17500
3m Grand Master Signature £15000
5m Grand Master Signature £21000
3m Grand Statement £35000
5m Grand Statement £50000
0.7m Digilink copper II £95
1.25m Silicone Mains lead £325

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