Colin Wonfor’s Clinic: My meter isn’t going to zero any more on ohm ratings

Colin Wonfor

Dear Colin. My meter isn't going to zero any more on ohm ratings, and it apparently can't be calibrated. It's a fairly low-end Radio Shack autoranging model. I saw that the "what do you need for repairing equipment” on a US thread suggested a Fluke 114 or 115. Is that still the best, or do they have anything better? Budget is $100-150 USD ideally, and used is fine. Thanks from George Merrigan.

Hey George I do hope you not related to my ex business partner from TQ. The Fluke 114 look OK but I like one with a capacitance and even a transistor tester for the DIY guys. Try look for one from Iso Tek or even Avago.

Thank you for the question.

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