DAVID REES WILLIAMS: ” ….. taking Jazz/Classical fusion to a new level”


Welcome to Tony's (Jazz) Treasure trove; a regular series of posts on a subject he knows well. He's on a mission to shine a light on superb performers who are often unknown and shouldn't be! Self-confessed jazz fanatic Tony Andrews writes ...

"I read your newsletter and I agree with the Play Bach. I am going to see JL next month at Southend because he has woken up and playing better material not Bach possibly because of competition from David Rees Williams who has taken Jazz/Classical fusion to a new level and is based in Canterbury. One classy newspaper said when reviewing Timescape “If JL hears this he will be seriously worried” He has two CD’s Timescape and Hidden Colours both sensational. Have you heard Sanctuary by Christian Forshaw, a cross between Jan Garbarek and someone else who I can’t think of. The only concern is it is recommended by Classic FM which is culturally the kiss of death. I am sure our tastes are pursuing the same vector towards a collision course.  Tony Andrews"

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