LFD AUDIO: 2019 official prices (Interconnects + tone arm cables)

LFD AUDIO official Interconnects UK retail price including UK Vat @ 20%.

Please note that members of this group pay substantially less AND benefit from the zero-depreciation upgrade service.


0.7m Spirolink £160
1.25m Spirolink £200
0.7m Spirolink IV £250
1.25m Spirolink IV £320
0.7m Grainless Interconnect £390
1.25m Grainless Interconnect £490
0.7m Reference Silver (II) £800
1.25m Reference Silver (II) £1250
0.7m Silver Scorpion £1700
1.25m Silver Scorpion £2500
0.7m Silver Scorpion SE £2000
1.25m Siver Scorpion SE £2900
0.7m Black Widow MK11 £4200
1.25m Black Widow £5700
0.7m Diamond Viper II £6800
1.25m Diamond Viper II £9500
0.7m Sapphire Raptor Screened £9800
1.25m Sapphire Raptor screened £13500
1.65m Golden Cobra Statement £27750 Made to order
1.25m SME tonearm Copper Reference £600
1.25m SME tonearm Reference Silver £1250
1.25m SME tonearm Silver Scorpion £2500
(SME tonearm screened version Or Balanced + 20% for silver, +40% for Copper)

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