Audiophiles luring youngsters into boring conversations

The audiophile knows what this is

PARENTS have been warned about audiophiles, who are increasingly targeting young people for dull chats about hi-fi.

Record shops have become magnets for middle-aged, socially awkward men attracted by products labelled ‘Audiophile Edition’.

14-year-old Tom Logan said: “I was looking at an old Fleetwood Mac record, when this bald man kind of crept up beside me.

“He asked me what kind of equipment I had at home, then before I could reply started describing his turntable which was ‘belt drive’ with a ‘low noise bearing’.

“I was trying to make my excuses but he launched into this long ramble about his ‘listening room’ and ‘tonearm setup’.

“It was so tedious that I began to feel woozy. Also I remember his breath smelled of stale cake and he had short grey stubble all over his head.

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