ASK AN EXPERT: How to keep an audiophile open mind?

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Howard. Are you able to keep an open mind about all things audiophile. If so, how? Is it consistent? Thanks – Oliver.

My initial response to this was long and rambling. I ditched it.

My next attempt was a bit to brief and therefore ambiguous. I ditched that to.

So I turned to Paul McGowan, driving force behind PS Audio. More often than not I find I’m in agreement with him on many things. Here are his thoughts on the question and yes, I’m in synch with them. He’s expressed my views better than I can. Thank you Paul for your input.

One of the hardest tasks for me, on a personal level, is keeping an open mind in this odd and eccentric industry. On the one hand I jump at the news of new technology, am completely open to it, lust after its news. On the other hand, the things I “know” to be true are hard to refute and often stop me from learning.

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