HELIUS: Their Cyalene or an SME IV?

This thread started in 2010 and then, as these things do, petered out. However, I took a look this morning and there are some observations which are still relevant [especially re the Oxford Acoustics Crystal turntable) so in my humble opinion, this thread is worth exploring. Neil / editor.


I currently have an SME IV and am soon to have a Cyalene, but due to funding, will not be able to keep both for any meaningful time to do a A/B comparison. I'm torn as to which to keep and wondered if anyone has spent time with both. The arm will eventually be going onto an Oxford Crystal Reference, it has the Cyalene on there at the mo. It will fitted with a Shelter 5000 M/C. IF i were to keep the SME, how difficult would it be to fit onto the OCR ?