Acoustic Reflections (CD) by Larry Coryell

Acoustic Reflections (CD)

Larry Coryell, solo acoustic, Little Center, Clark University, Worchester MA June 23, 1976.

By 1976 Larry Coryell was firmly established as one of America’s most accomplished and innovative electric guitarists, and a pioneer of jazz-rock / fusion. However, he was equally talented on the acoustic guitar, as this superb solo live set indicates. Taped for broadcast on the local station WCUW-FM, it’s presented here with background notes and images.

1.        Julie Labelle
2.        Juju
3.        Rodrigo Reflections
4.        Eyes Of Love
5.        Improvisations On The Sarabande
6.        The Restful Mind
7.        Gratitude
8.        Bouquet
9.        Renee’s Theme
10.    Ain’t It Is
11.    St. Gallen
12.    Spain


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