NAIM: Good with Acoustic Research; sensible or what?

Not two names which are normally associated with each other, but I have discovered something interesting. Well, at least to me... I'm a fan of the folk group Fotheringay and recently found my vinyl copy of their album. The CD of the same is often in my player, a Naim CD 3.5. Having a quiet moment, I gave the LP a spin on my old AR XA t'table. For once (!) I was concentrating completely on the music. None of the usual distractions in the house.

After a few minutes I noticed how involved I was getting. Really listening... Why, I wondered, it's just an LP of music I know very well. After listening completely to side one of the LP, I switched on the CD player and started listening to the music again.

No doubt about it, the LP had a sense of involvement which was missing from the CD. Being a little cynical about some aspects of audio reproduction I pondered on the following. They were both older recordings, made in the 70s, so was the remastering of the original recording to CD influenced by the process employed ?
So I put on a modern Classical LP recording and its CD equivalent. Same result as with the Fotheringay recordings. Yes, I had discovered some aspect of audio reproduction I'd never noticed before.
Must listen further...