THORENS: TD125 – still viable today or merely silly nostalgia?

I must admit to being a little unhappy with the Technics SL-150. The motor itself is excellent in every department (and that's before adding quartz-locking as on the current model), but the structure of this deck is too "live" and it was only the NAS SpaceMat that even began to make it managable for me (the Herbies mat was useless on this deck). Even so, the Supex mistracked badly despite the warm temperatures and, not having the funds or real inclination to change the arm or cartridge, I decided to "give in" and get the Thorens out of its box and run it for a while.

[edit] - to be fair, the SL-150 could be improved with damping pads and some blu-tac between the base of the bearing and the resonant plastic bottom plate, a sorbothane style extra "foot" then being used, I suspect to advantage.

Firstly, according to a 1968 Gramophone review, the TD125 on launch cost more than the TD124 and 150 added together. An interesting fact when the noisier 124 sells for several hundred quid today and the 125 around a ton I believe.

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