MERIDIAN: 207 Pro CD player test review





STEREOPHILE: In a way, you could say that Meridian started the now epidemic practice of modifying stock CD players (usually of the Philips-Magnavox species). The original Meridian player, the MCD, was a reworking of the first-generation Philips and was praised by J. Gordon Holt in these pages in his 1985 review (Vol.8 No.2). The Meridian Pro (Vol.8 No.6) won similar plaudits, and is still to be seen lurking in JA's system. And the original 207 was well-received by MC in Vol.10 No.3.

666mer207.jpgThe latter was designed around the Philips 14-bit, 4x oversampling technique (as the earlier Meridian players had been), and managed to hit the market just as the new 16-bit, 4x oversampling chip set started a boomlet in new players. Meridian retained the 14-bit design briefly, but had to rework the 207 for the new 16-bit devices when Philips discontinued the 14-bit chips. The new 207 Pro—the model under evaluation here—is built around the latest 16-bit Philips digital technology. The original 207 incorporated a line-level preamp—including one additional high-level input plus tape facilities (one tape loop)—and an electronic, stepped volume control; fixed outputs were also provided. The updated 207 retains these features, and adds an optional, plug-in phono stage with internally selectable moving-coil/moving-magnet input.