Just taken up residence .. I have to say this was a really hard decision as I love the Voyd + AN Arm3 combo, but really need the flexibility of a 78 speed as well as a removable headshell for mono, 78 etc (might also indulge in a Decca London as well now I have the right gear for one).

Initial verdict is it's all horses for courses ... it undeniably misses something of the air, space and grace of the Voyd, but makes up for it with a really palpable sense of solidity, timing and togetherness. Also the Io really loves the FR64S, it's not a unipivot like the AN arm so has perhaps a tiny touch less fluidity and ease, but at the same time it seems to have a bit more get up and go. Swings and roundabouts.

I'm a former Garrard and Lenco owner but never had a Thorens idler before ... was definitely on the to-do list. As a hopefully long-term arrival it's certainly delivered a real sense of occasion.


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