A new thread about a recently acquired TD135 which I hope will be of interest.

There seemed to me to be lots of good reasons to buy one of these turntables: they share many of the components of the better know TD124 and although lacking some of its refinements, have some extra features which make them look cool and operate beautifully. There's no possibility of changing the tonearm, however the BTD 12s fitted is a fine piece of engineering which performs well and looks the part too. The arm on this particular deck suffered like most from a perished rubber stub mounting, and mending this was the subject of another thread here.

Apart from the work on the arm, the rest of the turntable was in surprisingly good shape and required only moderate cleaning and fresh lubrication in all the usual places. When bidding on it I have to confess to thinking that if the condition wasn't that great then it would still be worth having as spares for the 124, but it would have been a great shame to have met that end and I'm delighted that it's not going to. So the next thing to do was to build a plinth for it.

The last few plinths I've built have been made up with layers of birch ply to give a dense, solid plinth, with as little cut away as possible, following in part the principles of CLD (constrained-layer damping) theory. These have been for a TD124 and Lenco turntable, both idler drives. For the TD135 I felt like doing something different which I hope will result in a plinth which looks good as well as performing well. So the plan was to build an outer frame of oak and work it up from there. In plan:

Dip in and out HERE