REGA: Osiris – thoughts invited and received

The thread starts .....

Wonderd if anyone with experience of the Osiris could give me their thoughts on a couple of things. Im currently using an Elicit [not ElicitR , i have heard it and prefer mine] and am considering the Osiris , which i have heard and liked but not in my own system. I know a home dem is the only way to find out for sure , and one can be arranged if required. I love the Elicits sound , has enough power and matches my speakers/room well. I am not looking for any other amp. If the Osiris doesnt work out i will happily stay with the Elicit. Btw it will be fronted by an Isis.

Now my main concern is due to a few comments i have read about the Osiris .

1 - that it can be slighly bass heavy . That would concern me.
2 - it only really comes alive at higher volume levels. Again i often listen at relitively low volume.
3 - is it easy to get fine adjustments with the remote volume control , as i seem to remember [although i may be wrong] it was not as easy as on the Elicit.


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