REGA: DAC-R – test review

Rega DAC-R

Marc Gusew writes:

The Rega DAC-R is now available in Australia at $1199 RRP and offers many enhancements and meaningful upgrades over the previous generation Rega DAC ($999 RRP). If you are familiar with the older DAC, you will also be familiar with the DAC-R because it looks virtually the same, with only the front facia as the clue that they are indeed different units. Physically, it’s half the size of a standard component at 21.5 cm in width, 32 cm deep and 8 cm high finished in a black custom aluminium and steel case with a shiny plastic front and silver push buttons. It weighs 4kg and has a high standard of fit and finish with a particularly clear and understandable front panel. The panel indicates the filter selection (there are three user selectable filters,) the frequency of the incoming sample rate for conversion and the input selected. The Rega logo glows red when switched on and there is an indicator that lights up when the input is locked.

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