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Our attention was drawn to this just now on the Hi-Fi Subjectivist discussion group site. It's post #7 on page 5 with the link shown below. We quote verbatim:

Re: Linn Lies

Unread postby jammy395 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:54 pm

"It,s still a wank piece of shit, okay I will admit a pt if fettled correctly, will maybe, piss on a bog standard lp12......But its fukin debatable.

Get a humble 1210 Techie.....which will laugh at them on track 6, as the others struggle finding the groove on track 2.

You know deep deep in yer heart of hearts .........tiz tru."

He then goes on to state, @ post #9 on page 5, again verbatim:

"Oh those dirty PC bastards.........If I were (a rich man) sorry 😳

I mean Jew....."

Dip in and out HERE
Other than these two observations we found the thread to be interesting and certainly worth a bit of time reading.



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