REGA: Elicit-R vs Yamaha AS 2000

As some of you have seen from my previous posts, I'm considering picking up an elicit-r amp from rega along with a Saturn-r cdp. I was also, however, looking at the Yamaha a-s2000. I like the styling a lot more, and it seems well specced - with a discrete MM/MC phono stage, discrete headphone stage, switching for 2 sets of speakers, balanced design, etc.

Has anybody heard the a-s2000 and/or cd-s2000? how would it compare to the rega? Has anyone heard the yamaha's phono stage? If I buy the Yamaha, my separates (cdp, tuner, streamer, tape, turntable) will fill all the inputs, so I won't have any room left for an external phono stage. Any and all input appreciated!

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