Which Vintage turntable?

"Hello all, This is my first post, so please be kind. Although I am currently happy with my Pro-ject Genie turntable with 2M RED I would at some point like to get a more traditional looking deck. Something with character.

I would ideally like to stay around the <£250 mark, used or new. Likely used. Wood being the main feature I guess, though not essential. 1970's would be great but I don't mind going newer.

Is there anything that could match the sound quality of the Genie? Thorens do make a new turntable which is rather traditional but it's £650. Would a B&O turntable be a step down? My current set up:Separo P88i valve amplifier (KT88's) 50W

  • Project MM phono stage
  • 1970's Goodmans Magnum K2 speakers
  • Pro-ject Genie 2M RED (current model)

Any links to current things for sale would be much appreciated.



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