NAIM: ND5 XS test review

HiFi Choice magazine writes:

Naim introduces its ‘entry-level’ network audio player, but there is nothing ‘entry-level’, however, about its performance, says Malcolm Steward

The ND5 XS is Naim’s second network audio player and its first to offer native streaming of 24-bit/192 kHz sources. It follows the lauded and more expensive (£2,995) NDX (HFC 345) that arrived in February, this year. It differs from its forerunner, though, in being built into the attractive, slim-line XS series case rather than the taller Classic series enclosure, but is similar in being performance upgradeable.

Upgrade options currently available include the XPS or PS 555 power supplies and the Naim DAC. We’re told that a matching low-profile power supply will be available next year, as well.

In terms of technology, the ND5 XS draws significantly on the established and Naim DAC (HFC 328). It uses the same innovative SHARC 40-bit DSP-based buffering with fixed clocks technology, along with 16-times oversampling and Naim’s proprietary low generated noise, digital fi ltering algorithms. The ND5 XS’s 16-times oversampling mode DAC is the Burr-Brown PCM1791A. This runs at a maximum sample rate of 768 kHz and can handle UPnP signals at up to 32-bit, floating-point, 192 kHz sample rates.